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Intigress specializes in performance advertising on digital channels. This means that we dont’t want to simply spend your advertising budget, we want to maximize the return on your advertising spend. Our goal is to make your advertising dollars work harder for you.

We believe that the principles of performance marketing apply to all businesses. We work with you to gain the highest return on your investment by aligning your digital advertising strategy with your business goals and connecting those goals to true performance indicators related to your business. We provide you with strategic recommendations on which digital advertising channels and tactics you should use based on your actual business objectives. We exist to partner with you in order to meet and exceed your business objectives by sharing our expertise in performance-based digital advertising.

Our experience ranges from large, global brands to multi-location and local businesses in a wide variety of industries including travel, automotive, healthcare & home services.

Digital Advertising Channels





Digital Advertising Tactics

Lead Generation

Calls. Actions. Conversions. Lead Generation advertising focuses on driving direct responses from your most qualified users.

Brand Awareness

Create future opportunities by reaching new customers and generate awareness of your brand.

High-Intent Search

Advertising when people are actively searching for your most valuable products and services using keywords.

Social Retargeting

Continue the conversation with an already interested social audience.

Display Remarketing

Re-engaging interested users by showing beautiful imagery while they browse relevant websites.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)

Applying the power of remarketing to your high-intent searches allows for a hyper-targeted, personalized experience.

Audience Targeting

Understand how to speak to your audiences in the right place at the right time.


Ensure that you stay ahead of your competitors and top of mind to your customers so you never miss out.

Getting Started with Digital Advertising

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We launch your customized campaign and continually work toward more efficient results.

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