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Intigress is a digital advertising agency specializing in search engine advertising and social media advertising. When you work with us, our goal is to gain the highest return on your investment by aligning your digital advertising strategy with your business goals and connecting those goals to true performance indicators. Our experience ranges from large, global brands to multi-location and local businesses in a wide variety of industries including travel, automotive, e-commerce, healthcare, home services, and more.

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Benefits of Digital Advertising

Large Audience

With over 80% of US adults online on a daily basis, digital advertising gives your business the opportunity to reach these users on a regular basis.

Highly Targeted

Find your target customer and reach them where they are in their moment of need to drive higher conversions and create happier customers.


Unlike traditional advertising, digital advertising is agile. New information can be used to improve advertising results with immediacy.

Cost Effective

When you pay-per-click, your dollars are only spent reaching users who are engaged with your message.

Faster Results

Whether your transactions are online or in store, reach your customers faster with digital advertising.


Don't guess the effects of your advertising spend, know. Trackable results help you make better business decisions.

The Intigress Approach

Working with Intigress, your business will benefit from expert digital advertising strategy tailored to your business’s unique goals & objectives. Our digital advertising management is designed to create the most efficient and effective advertising plans, allowing your advertising dollars to have a bigger impact on your business’ bottom line, without increasing your budget. 

When you work with us you will have direct access to a dedicated account manager who takes the time to get to know your business individually in order to deliver the best possible results. All of our digital advertising services start with a discussion about your business goals in order to develop a strategy that meets your business’ individual needs, rather than forming your business into pre-defined strategies.

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Our Digital Advertising Services

Smart, Efficient Ad Campaigns & On-Going Optimization to Deliver Business Growth. 

Display Advertising

Target Relevant Audiences to Find New Customers & Re-Engage Past Visitors. 

Paid Search

Meet Your Customers in Their Moment Of Need with Search Advertising.

Social Media Advertising

Drive Brand Awareness and Connect with Customers Where They Spend Their Time. 

Advertising Platforms

Our digital advertising management spans multiple platforms for optimal budget management & the most efficient results. We are experts in Google Ads (formerly Google AdWords), Microsoft Advertising (formerly Bing Ads), & Facebook Advertising (includes Instagram ads).

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Digital Advertising Strategies Designed to Deliver Results

Lead Generation

Calls. Actions. Conversions. Lead Generation advertising focuses on driving direct responses from your most qualified users.

Brand Awareness

Create future opportunities by reaching new customers and generate awareness of your brand.

High-Intent Search

Advertising when people are actively searching for your most valuable products and services.

Social Retargeting

Continue the conversation with an already interested social audience.

Display Remarketing

Re-engaging interested users by showing beautiful imagery while they browse relevant websites.

Remarketing Lists for Search Ads (RLSA)

Applying the power of remarketing to your high-intent searches for a hyper-targeted, personalized experience.

Audience Targeting

Understand how to speak to your audiences in the right place at the right time.


Ensure that you stay ahead of your competitors and top of mind to your customers so you never miss out.

How to Get Started with Digital Advertising Management

Contact Us

Let us know you're interested in digital advertising management.


We schedule a no-pressure conversation to understand your business needs.


After we talk, we will put together a custom proposal aligned to your business objectives.


When the details are decided, we will partner with you and your goals become our goals.


We launch your customized campaign and continually work toward more efficient results.

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