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Faster, More Efficient Results from Google Ads

Google Ads management gives your business the opportunity to leverage expert insight and experience to reach more people with more relevant messaging at a lower price per conversion. Stop wasting your advertising dollars and start working with a Google Ads management company that will put your advertising dollars to work for you.

Professional Google Ads Management

At Intigress, our team is 100% Google certified and highly skilled in creating customized Google Ads campaigns designed to deliver best possible returns on your advertising spend. Our proven methodologies are based on years of experience working with a multitude of business. Our approach is designed to help businesses of all sizes reach their business goals faster and more efficiently. 

Whether your goal is to grow your customer base, promote brand awareness, generate more leads, or increase sales, our Google ads experts are ready to help take your business to the next level.

  Here is what you can expect working with us.

Our personalized strategies are tailored to your unique business needs to maximize your Google Ads performance.

Our audience targeting strategies take your accounts to the next level so you can find those high performing audiences and reach them with the right message.

Ensure brand safety and increased efficiency with the use of our exclusive list of negative keywords.

Custom reporting allows you to see how your digital advertising is performing based on what is truly important to your business goals. No vanity metrics.

Consistent and on-going quality assurance (QA) checks help to reduce wasted ad spend and increase the impact of your advertising budget.

Ensure your account stays up-to-date with current trends and in-line with current industry best practices to improve overall performance.

Google Ads Case Study

Our B2B client wanted to:

How we did it:

Increase Leads

+167% More Leads

within the first 3 months of working with Intigress vs the previous period

Improve Efficiency

54% Lower Cost Per Lead

within the first 3 months vs the previous period.
Even after including the Intigress management fee, our client still saw a 30% lower cost per lead.

How we did it:

Google Ads Certified

100% USA Based Team

Customer First

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We are here to help you get better results from your current Google advertising spend. 

Let us know you are interested in a free review of your current Google Ads account by filling in this form today. We’ll review your account and deliver three action items you can implement to improve your current ad results and see a better return on your ad investment right away. 

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Types of Google Ads

Search Ads

Appear higher on the search results page for high-intent keywords and supplement your SEO strategies

Display Ads

Build your brand awareness by showing responsive display ads across the 2 million plus websites on the Google Display Network

Remarketing & RLSA

Reach previous site visitors with compelling call-to-action messages designed to re-engage and increase conversions

Video Ads

Advertise on YouTube to engage with audiences watching relevant videos

Local Ads

Attract high intent local audiences with ads on Google Maps delivered in your local service areas

Shopping Ads

Sell more of your products with relevant, visually appealing shopping ads devised specifically for ecommerce

Google Ads Management Pricing
from $299 per month

Transparent pricing. No hidden fees.

Google Ads Management Inclusions

Each of our clients benefits from a customized Google Ads strategy built to enhance growth and scale with your business. When you work with us you receive personalized support of a certified Google Ads specialist, in addition to the following inclusions, all tailored to your unique business goals.

Why Work With Us?
The Intigress Approach to Advertising On Google

At Intigress our specialty is finding ways to deliver more efficient & effective Google ads for a higher return on your advertising investment. Optimizing your digital advertising gives your business the opportunity to increase reach and drive real business growth. In addition to our expertise, we believe in partnering with our clients. We care about the businesses we work with. If it is important to you , it’s important to us. Interested in learning more? Contact us today!

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